Why START with us?

We get it

We GET it. We really do. We GET the need to transform the employment landscape for the youth in South Africa who are seeking a new pathway to permanent jobs and careers. We also GET that new workers require support during their development years of employment where staff turnover is high. Youth can be very vulnerable when they join the workforce, especially those from previously disadvantaged backgrounds.

We GET it by offering focused skills transfer and youth mentor programmes, from initial training and for up to 3 years in your workplace, until they are confident and able to GET going on their own.

We GET it. We bring over 50 years experience in skills training and mentorship, gained from large scale training and development projects spanning multiple business and industries in the public and private sectors.

GET READY START is serious in all we do for you yet we remain young go-GETters at heart to make learning fun in a modern way to give positive learning experiences. We instill a sense of purpose and determination in our trainees to succeed from the START.

Our clients GET us too. We have during the last 5 years implemented and managed skills programmes with various Private and Public Sector clients. These have included important youth employment enablers such as: building skills for business; youth training and mentoring; workplace readiness and life skills; entrepreneurial development; and learnership, internship and apprenticeship programmes. References are available on request.





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